The Story of Fill

After the birth of my two sons I was amazed at how many nappies we went through and how the amount of rubbish in my wheelie bins increased! Did you know it can take 200 to 500 years for a disposable nappy to decompose? Alongside trying (and failing!) to use washable nappies I began looking at other areas where we could live more sustainably and, specifically, reduce our plastic consumption. Doing the weekly shop I began to see supermarket shopping in a whole new light - aisles upon aisles of plastic wrapping that never completely disappears.


We began to shop at the greengrocer, took plastic reusable bags to go shopping, bought loose produce, etc. but I wanted to do more. I had a large cupboard of Tupperware and a lovely collection of Kilner jars that I started decanting products from the supermarket into and that's when I began thinking...was there an opportunity to offer like-minded people the ability to shop more sustainably? Fill was born.


I'm sure you have empty containers but if not we sell quality, clip-top ones in various sizes! We will visit your work or home address and fill your Tupperware, jars or socks (!) with lovely, quality produce. It'll also be transported to you in our eco-friendly electric van - bonus!

You need only order what you need - no more throwing away unwanted food and you'll be doing a huge amount to reduce your 'plastic footprint' - fill your jars, not the oceans :)

After a recent inspection, we're very proud to share our food hygiene rating with you - top marks!

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